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Technology is changing the way dentistry is performed. At WhiteCrest Smart Dentistry our patients find a high-tech welcoming environment that incorporates the most advanced and technology for precise treatments..

Digital Platform

Precise Diagnosis for More Accurate Planning 

Efficiency & Quicker Deliveries: all patient information, imaging systems, and Cone Beam CT Scan data work together in a connected pattern. Our digital platform allows a  real-time flow of the information, we can operate more efficiently with quicker delivery of procedures and a higher level of productivity.

Safer Procedures

Improving Care & Comfort


Digital X-Rays - Panoramic X-rays

Large, easy-to-see image to see details.

More efficient diagnosis and treatment.


Digital Intraoral Scanning

Computer generated replica of gums and teeth. 

-Better patient experience

Intraoral Cameras

High-definition intra-oral cameras that bring the smallest details into our computer screens.

-Patient can see before and after photos.

Digidoc 2.jpeg

Paperless Charting

Records are kept digitally.

Environment friendly.


Negative Pressure.png

Negative Pressure

Root Canal Treatments

Enhance Cleansing.

Improves Root Sealing.

Safer procedures.

Laser Biolase.JPG

Soft Tissue Laser

Minimally invasive, bloodless operating field, accelerates healing times, effective aid in the treatment of infections.

Dental Vibe.jpeg

Painless Injection System

Anxiety-free dental experience.

Faster effect of anesthesia.


Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Laughing Gas.

Help patient feel very calm, relax and more comfortable.

Velscope 3.jpeg


Helps detect diseased tissue deep below the surface before it is visible.

Ultrasonic 2.jpeg

Ultrasonic Scaling

Cleaning procedure more comfortable and effective.

Less time spent on Scaling and Polishing.

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